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Covid-19 Caricatures

Below is a sampling of recent Covid-19 caricatures from the archive. To view and license Covid-19 images, follow the links on this page.

Covid-19 Caricature

Covid listens to senior's problems - Color

Covid-19 Caricature

2024 New Years Baby finds the things Father Time swept under carpet - Color

Covid-19 Caricature

Media wants answers from the World - Color

Covid-19 Caricature

Doctor and nurse kill Covid with vaccine - Color

Covid-19 Caricature

Waiter uses drink tray to secure mask - Color

Covid-19 Caricature

Patient given multiple masks and vaccinations - Color

Covid-19 Caricature

Student and teacher adhere to Covid mandates - Color

Covid-19 Caricature

Man fights Covid with vaccine and social distancing - Color
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