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Peter Kent Caricatures

Below is a sampling of recent Peter Kent caricatures from the archive. To view and license Peter Kent images, follow the links on this page.

Peter Kent Caricature

Peter Kent's job is done killing 'Environment' elephant - Color

Peter Kent Caricature

Peter Kent and Stephen Harper forget environmental protection - Color

Peter Kent Caricature

David Suzuki and Gateway pipeline scare Peter Kent and B.C. - Color

Peter Kent Caricature

Peter Kent drops 'water monitoring cuts' axe on his foot - Color

Peter Kent Caricature

Facebook pages critical of Canadians - Color

Peter Kent Caricature

Movie ad for 'The Omnibus Bill that Ate Democracy' - Color

Peter Kent Caricature

Peter Kent finds it difficult to deny global warming - Color

Peter Kent Caricature

Bad valentines from Bill Vander Zalm, Peter Kent and teens in Abbotsford
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