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Trent Lott Caricatures

Below is a sampling of recent Trent Lott caricatures from the archive. To view and license Trent Lott images, follow the links on this page.

Trent Lott Caricature

Trent Lott - USA

Trent Lott Caricature

Trent Lott leaves while he's still 'on top' - Color

Trent Lott Caricature

Trent Lott overcomes past to become Senate minority whip

Trent Lott Caricature

Tom Daschle sits with Trent Lott in shame

Trent Lott Caricature

James Moran and Trent Lott wait for foot-in-mouth surgery

Trent Lott Caricature

Trent Lott had separate drinking fountain in Senate cloakroom

Trent Lott Caricature

KKK members Trent Lott and David Ahenakew greet each other

Trent Lott Caricature

George W. Bush thanks Trent Lott for stepping down
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