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Pat Quinn Caricatures

Below is a sampling of recent Pat Quinn caricatures from the archive. To view and license Pat Quinn images, follow the links on this page.

Pat Quinn Caricature

Pat Quinn - Canada - Color

Pat Quinn Caricature

Pat Quinn's presence is felt by new Oilers coach, Tom Renney

Pat Quinn Caricature

Pat Quinn and Ed Stelmach are looking for wins

Pat Quinn Caricature

Oilers coach Pat Quinn sends players for heart transplants

Pat Quinn Caricature

Coach Pat Quinn can't convince Edmonton Oilers to buy into system

Pat Quinn Caricature

Pat Quinn joins the Edmonton Oilers

Pat Quinn Caricature

Puppet John Ferguson Jr. fires Pat Quinn

Pat Quinn Caricature

Pat Quinn asks speed skater Cindy Klassen how she is with hockey stick
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