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Health Care Cartoons

Below is a sampling of recent Health Care cartoons from the archive. To view and license Health Care images, follow the links on this page.

Health Care Cartoon

Hospital patient waits for his dealer before taking drugs - Color

Health Care Cartoon

Pharmacare ambulance is immobile without provincial tires - Color

Health Care Cartoon

Cost of NDP Pharmacare Agenda traps Justin Trudeau - Color

Health Care Cartoon

Couple includes healthcare costs in their wedding vows - Color

Health Care Cartoon

American healthcare is toppled by Russian hackers - Color

Health Care Cartoon

Jagmeet Singh pushes Justin Trudeau for more after getting Pharmacare - Color

Health Care Cartoon

British Columbia looks to U.K. to offset doctor shortage - Color

Health Care Cartoon

Alberta's Danielle Smith trips up Liberal-NDP Pharmacare prescription - Color
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