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Tom Mulcair Cartoons

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Tom Mulcair Cartoon

Best part of democracy is politicians disappear after election - Color

Tom Mulcair Cartoon

Political parties fine-tune their 'give-away' policies - Color

Tom Mulcair Cartoon

Tiny Jagmeet Singh tries to take large NDP leadership baton from Tom Mulcair - Color

Tom Mulcair Cartoon

Failing Canadian opposition parties favor return to per-vote subsidy - Color

Tom Mulcair Cartoon

Justin Trudeau passes electoral reform torch back to Thomas Mulcair - Color

Tom Mulcair Cartoon

Thomas Mulcair begins long goodbye into oblivion - Color

Tom Mulcair Cartoon

Assisted dying legislation killed by NDP histrionics - Color

Tom Mulcair Cartoon

Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper are outcasts after election losses - Color
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