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N.B. Election Cartoons

Below is a sampling of recent N.B. Election cartoons from the archive. To view and license N.B. Election images, follow the links on this page.

N.B. Election Cartoon

Passengers don't want to rock NB Premier Blaine Higgs' sinking ship - Color

N.B. Election Cartoon

Premier Blaine Higgs delaying elections leaves New Brunswick in dry dock - Color

N.B. Election Cartoon

'Air Conservative' hits severe turbulance - Color

N.B. Election Cartoon

Canada breaks into smaller counties after election - Color

N.B. Election Cartoon

Elizabeth May deflates Jagmeet Singh's tires in New Brunswick - Color

N.B. Election Cartoon

Premier Brian Gallant needs Green party support to govern in New Brunswick - Color

N.B. Election Cartoon

New Brunswick leaders chained to 'Minority Gov't' ball say 'Follow Me' - Color

N.B. Election Cartoon

Liberal Brian Gallant and Tory Blaine Higgs is the new Premier of NB - Color
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