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Laemmle, Carl
Lagerfeld, Karl
Lake, Veronica
Laliberte, Guy
Lamb, Brian
Lampard, Frank
Landry, Bernard
Lang, Fritz
Laraque, Georges
Lardner, Ring
Lastman, Mel
Laughton, Charles
Laurie, Hugh
Laurier, Wilfrid
Lavigne, Avril
Lawrence, D.H.
Lay, Kenneth (Ken)
Layton, Jack
Le Carre, John
Led Zeppelin
Lee, Bruce
Lee, Christopher
Lee, Spike
Leigh, Janet
Lennon, John
Leno, Jay
Letterman, Dave
Letterman, David
Levi-Montalcini, Rita
Levin, Carl
Lewinsky, Monica
Lieberman, Joe
Lieberman, Joseph (Joe)
Limbaugh, Rush
Lincoln, Abraham
Lincoln, Abraham (Abe)
Lindros, Eric
Linney, Laura
Lippi, Marcello
Litvinenko, Alexander
Liu, Lucy
Lloyd Webber, Andrew
Lohan, Lindsay
Lomu, Jonah
Long, Tom
Lopez, Jennifer
Lopez, Jennifer (J.Lo)
Lopez, Jose Maria Aznar
Lord, Bernard
Lott, Trent
Lougheed, Peter
Love, Courtney
Lowe, Kevin
Loy, Rosetta
Lucas, George
Lugosi, Bela
Luong, Tran Duc
Luongo, Roberto
Lynch, David
Lyon, Sterling

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