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Left-wing Illustrations

Below is a sampling of recent Left-wing illustrations from the archive. To view and license Left-wing images, follow the links on this page.

Left-wing Illustration

Karl Marx with a Coca-Cola - Russia - Color

Left-wing Illustration

Radical moderate gives measured response during dangerous times

Left-wing Illustration

Prospective employee misinterprets question

Left-wing Illustration

Spain's leftwing leaders sign coalition deal amongst crocodiles - Color

Left-wing Illustration

NDP ideology flag takes precedence over Alberta - Color

Left-wing Illustration

Left-wing Mulcair and Trudeau battle in canoe at top of waterfall - Color

Left-wing Illustration

Anti-TPP stance is making NDP sound too much like NDP - Color

Left-wing Illustration

Moderate Republicans give up on their party - Color
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