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Utensils Illustrations

Below is a sampling of recent Utensils illustrations from the archive. To view and license Utensils images, follow the links on this page.

Utensils Illustration

Impovrished child walks taller with eating utensils - Color

Utensils Illustration

Obese man is trapped by his overeating - Color

Utensils Illustration

Bloody meat cleaver

Utensils Illustration

Freddy Kruger has utensils for fingers - Color

Utensils Illustration

Knife hires fork to shake things up at company

Utensils Illustration

Dish leaves spoon for Swiss Army knife - Color

Utensils Illustration

Young spoon asks parents if he was delivered by the 'spork' - Color

Utensils Illustration

Spork gets treatment for his identity crisis - Color
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