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Pricing Profile

A Pricing Profile is necessary to purchase images. This customized price list details your cost for each image type. If you have not set up a Pricing Profile you will be prompted to do so when you attempt your first purchase from the Download Zone. Please click the 'Contact Artizans' button when prompted, to set up your unique profile.

Setting up your Pricing Profile

Once you are logged into the Download Zone, your Pricing Profile will be accessible. If the screen says you have no Pricing Profile, you will be prompted to create one when you attempt your first purchase. By creating a profile, you will simply be setting a price scale that is appropriate for your publication or organization. This price will also apply to all future purchases of similar images.

On the Pricing Profile/Contact Artizans page you will be prompted to contact Artizans by e-mail. If you're reprinting the image in a publication, you will be asked to state the type of publication (i.e. book, newspaper or magazine), the circulation, the readership area, the cost of the publication to its readers and the frequency of the publication. If the artwork is to be used privately, on a commercial product or to promote a commercial organization, you will be asked to provide details.

Once you submit your pricing information, Artizans will promptly set up your Pricing Profile. This profile is unique to your account and will enable you to buy and quickly download other similar images.

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