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You must be registered with Artizans to purchase an image online.

Users who have previously registered must log in during their current visit to purchase an image. If you are not registered or have not logged in, you will be prompted to do so when you attempt to purchase an image. To log in, enter your username and password on the Home and Download Zone pages.


If you wish to register, links to the
Register page can be found on the Home or Download Zone pages. All information marked by an asterisk (*) is mandatory. You can pick your own username and password at this screen. If the username you select has already been taken, you will be prompted to choose another.

Upon registering, newspapers and large organizations can also apply for a Client Billing Account. A billing account allows you to download images and be invoiced for them later.

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Apply for a Client Billing Account

This account allows newspapers and large organizations to download images and be invoiced for them later. You must be registered with Artizans and logged in to apply for this type of account. Click
here to apply.

    1. In the Client Billing window you will be asked to fill in a contact name and information about your newspaper or organization. Fill in all the blanks and hit the "Submit Application" button.

    2. You should now see the words "Application Submitted".

    3. Congratulations, you're done! Close the application window.

    4. Artizans will now review your application and contact you shortly by phone or e-mail regarding its status. Once you receive confirmation, you will be able to instantly access thousands of online images and be invoiced for them at a later date.

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Pricing Profile

A Pricing Profile is necessary to purchase images. This customized price list details your costs for each image type. If you have not set up a Pricing Profile, you will be prompted to do so when you attempt your first purchase from the Download Zone. Please click the 'Contact Artizans' button when prompted, to set up your unique profile. For more detailed instructions,
click here.

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Downloading Images

It is not possible to purchase more than one image at a time in the Download Zone. If you wish to purchase two or more images, re-enter the Download Zone and repeat the process for each image. Choose between two methods of delivery on the Image Download page. You can e-mail the image to the address you registered with (not recommended for hi-resolution color images) or download the image using your Web browser.

When downloading an image file, pay close attention to what the file is named and where you are saving it to on your computer.

You will have access to a file for 96 hours from the time of first download. Go to the 'My Account > View Orders' page to re-download your file. If you have persistent difficulties downloading, or if the file appears corrupt when you try to open it, contact Artizans by e-mail.

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