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What's In It For The Artist?
Through Aritzans, artists can take full advantage of the low-cost / high-quality distribution benefits of the Internet. Run by professional artists, our service permits art buyers to purchase the very best artists by subscription and/or credit card entry at dizzying speeds.

Using our service, it’s possible for editors and art directors around the world to take delivery of your artwork THE DAY IT IS CREATED - AND PUBLISH IT THE DAY AFTER. No other service even comes close. View the glowing reviews our service has received.

Check Out Our Many Benefits:
• Free online portfolio.
• Experienced illustration and cartoon art reps.
• Living, breathing salespeople doing cold calls for artists.
• No fees to get started.
• Super-fast online delivery of your artwork.
• Your images sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Generous percentages for artists.
• No censorship.
• Powerful online search engine for art buyers.
• Sell your archived images over and over again.
• Real-world distribution of cartoons via fax, courier and conventional mail.
• Aggressive promotion of your work.

Built for You
Artizans customizes its site for each member artist - taking into consideration their unique talent and abilities. From aggressive marketing of your existing material, to offering your unique freelance abilities for hire - we market your complete talents to editors, publishers and advertising agencies around the world. Artizans is a digital marketplace where each artist displays their diverse talents like a shopkeeper displays his wares.

Censorship? What Censorship?
Do your best cartoons often end up in your editor’s trash can? Artizans welcomes these unpublishables - cartoons and cartoonists that are too hot for the old-style syndicates to handle. Why? Because, in addition to traditional newspapers, Artizans also markets cartoons to a new breed of hip publications that aren’t worried about offending the occasional reader.

Generous Percentages
We offer our creators the percentages they deserve. Percentage splits as high as 60/40 for syndicated material and 75/25 for commissioned work - all in favor of the creator.

No Fees to get Started
That's right! You can get started for nothing. Compare that to other online galleries that charge you $650.00 U.S. a year to post a mere 12 images.

You’re Fully Protected and Informed
Artists can monitor the site at anytime and see for themselves how their work is being handled. Anyone can view your work online, but it is always protected from theft by digital watermarking, encryption devices and secure firewalls. Commissioned artists can work directly with art buyers. Also, earnings and itemized purchase reports are sent directly to the artist - you’re no longer left wondering where and when your images sold.

No Other Online Service has more Experience
No novices here. We have over twenty years experience selling artwork. Artizans was selling digital images to web-savvy editors years before most people even knew this was possible. No other online service has more experience delivering digital artwork.

We Work in the Real World Too.
For editors who aren't online yet, we offer your images via a comprehensive fax, courier, and conventional mail service.

But I Only Occasionally have Material to Sell
No problem. Artizans was built to accommodate the varying outputs of individual artists. Whether you draw two cartoons a day or one illustration a month - we can sell your stuff. It’s quality we care about - not quantity. We may also be able to sell the material your current syndicate and/or rep doesn’t handle.

I Already Have an Agent
Again, no problem. Artizans can work with your existing agent to give you a strong, online presence.

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